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Why Global Media Fund?
Exposure - Get Your Story Told
GMF creates a marketing and media campaign that results in your story reaching millions of consumers. This results in increased sales, share value, brand recognition and revitalizes the organization.
Combined Experience - Over 20 Years of Success
GMF currently has accounts with many of the leading blue chip companies in the world. The same creative writers, producers and support personnel who are creating and distributing the advertisements for these international companies will be working on your behalf. Your media will be distributed to the same newspapers, television, and radio stations alongside these large companies.

Cost Effectiveness
Take advantage of your company’s promising outlook
GMF was started for the sole purpose of allowing promising companies to purchase millions of dollars worth of advertising at greatly discounted prices, and to utilize their equity as the payment currency.

Achieve - Expand Your Financial Future
The GMF partnership and the accompanying unparalleled media exposure result in improved valuations in future financing efforts. We work particularly well with adding guaranteed media exposure to a wise venture capital investment further guaranteeing the success of the emerging company with the added clout of a media partner and/or investor.

Development - Build Your Company through Our Resources
Global Media Fund has created a very large network of strategic relationships that can enhance your company's growth. Since we are long term players in our equity companies we can make those relationships available. This is a part of our service and incurs no extra charge from GMF.