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Why Choose GMF
How Global Media Fund works
Exposure and credibility are key to business success.
Global Media Fund delivers on all fronts.
Global Media Fund is committed to your business success. We essentially become an investor in your company while providing you with strategic resources to achieve your goals and benchmarks. We provide you with necessary tools for your success media and financial market exposure. We provide a variety of services that are integral to ensuring your company exceeds its potential.
Powerful media exposure — for equity — throughout the U.S.
Our track record is impeccable. Millions of consumers across the U.S. have learned about our portfolio companies through a well-honed GMF media campaign. Global Media Fund works with you to develop the right stories about your products, as well as helps you choose the right media vehicles to get you maximum visibility. Seeing your products and services in the newspapers and magazines, on television and on the internet will give your company the third party credibility it needs to attract investors and enhance market awareness.
How do we do it?
  We buy media in bulk and pass the savings on to our clients
  Our services include promoting you in
  10,250 newspapers
  6,000 arbitron radio stations
  National television
  Internet optimization
  E-mail campaigns
  Press release and wire services
  Exposure in trade magazines related to your products
  We help our clients create nationwide campaigns and brand awareness.
  We handle all aspects of the campaign including story development, production, copywriting, and placement of the features.
  Our portfolio companies always have final approval