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Frequently Asked Questions
What does Global Media Fund do?
Global Media Fund (GMF) gives both promising young and established companies (mainly publicly traded companies or soon to be public companies) the ability to create a strong advertising and marketing campaign without the financial restraints associated with traditional media campaigns by providing media exposure in exchange for equity in the company.
As your media partner with a small minority equity in your company, we have a vested interest not only in our media having an impact, but an incentive to utilize our extensive contacts to further enhance your company's growth. This could include additional rounds of financing, investor awareness, sales distributors, strategic partners and more. Often Venture Capital firms and investors take you more seriously after you have secured a media commitment.

What kind of clients does Global Media Fund seek?
We seek to work with both established and promising young companies. We are looking for companies that have outstanding products and that lack sufficient liquid resources to market their products and company.

What size campaigns does Global Media Fund finance?

Typically, Global Media Fund finances client advertising campaigns that ranges from $1 million to $25 million range that are designed to run within two years; however, Global Media Fund will consider clients with both larger and smaller advertising needs.

How does my company acquire your service?
We have a simple and fast application and approval process that enables us to ensure funding commitment to you with a quick turnaround.

How does the installment option work?
The installment option allows you to pay over time and take advantage of an increase in shareholder value by paying a set dollar value worth of restricted stock in payments.